12 pm -10 pm Tuesday to Friday
9 am -10 pm Saturday to Sunday



Mexhico FS opened its doors in March 2024, with the culinary vision of highlighting the great ancestral flavors of great Mexican cuisine.
In Mexico, food is an expression of love for the land, our traditions and the people we share, at Mexhico FS offers contemporary Mexican cuisine. The great Chef Wendy Peralta, originally from Acapulco Guerrero, with extensive experience in culinary techniques from the state of Oaxaca Mexico, thanks to her experience and successful career in prestigious kitchens in the hotel industry of the Mexican Pacific, designed and created unique dishes to provide a connection of the authentic Mexican flavor and fusing with the knowledge of the Mexican innovator Chef Omar Vázquez with his great mastery in the use of ancestral techniques fusing it with innovation, reflects the potential of the gastronomic mix, both Chefs promote pride in their roots so that our clients remember a memorable experience of our vibrant food and culture.